THE EMPTY PRINTING PRESS [Thai film location]

In the middle of the busy city, Bangkok. There is a place that has been quiet for a long time.



This is a former printing press back in the old day. It was closed due to the economic issue.


I walked pass by this building and thought this place would be perfect for filming films or music videos.



I felt like no one was there, so I just walked in and took some of the pictures.




There were several rooms inside the building.



Some of them look pretty scary and mess up since no one was cleaning the place for a long time. However, it looked really good for some of the stories.



There was even a dead bird laying on the ground.



I went up to the second floor to see if anyone was there.


I met with Tin a security who took care of this property.



He was there alone by himself. He told me that he has been working there for more than 5 years and not many people came into the building often. Except for some of the homeless who look for a shelter in some nights.



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