about us


Unknownpresent Co., Ltd was established in 2012 with 4 partners and currently has 7 partners.


Unknownpresent Co., Ltd is a production house based in Thailand. We are a high-quality team, experience in TV commercials, Music Videos, and Films. We are expert at location scouting in Thailand and can provide you with second unit production.

For commercial shoots, we have experienced working with clients at all level of budget from large down to micro-budget as well. Our team is equally skilled at product advertising, crafting your message for the target audience you are trying to reach.

With our short films, we try to focus on issues that play in our society such as homelessness, and poverty. However, we also are open to addressing our clients' specific needs, as can be seen in our short film educating on the instruction of the antibiotics.

We also support independent artists to the creation of their first music videos for the band such as Eccentric Toliet and Pucco.