THE BIG ADJUSTMENT [Thai film location]





I want to confirm this quote that changing is not fun but worth it at the end.


Meanwhile, in Thailand, I had to find a large high hill location for our client who wanted to shoot a car commercial at the location that could show the car efficiency by going up 45 degrees to the top of the hill.


We went outside of the urban area to the rural one, Kanchanaburi province. Kanchanaburi fulfills with a lot of attractive landmarks in Thailand such as waterfalls, national parks, temples, mountains, and also Death Railway.



Along the way



At first, we thought about the mountains, but after arriving at some of the mountains, we changed our mind. Along the way, we saw several quarries that could possibly be our location goal.



This might work



We stopped at the quarry and started scouting. We met with P’John who took care of the property.






The place looked really good for the project and the rental price was perfect for our budget. However, there was a problem with the surface of the hills. The surfaces were loose rock and weren’t the 45 degrees as we needed.



This was not what we hoped for



We still wanted to use this location, due to factors that met our aspects. So, we needed to change!! I talked with P’John, he told me that he needed to discuss with his boss first. Fortunately, the boss told him, it was okay to adjust the surface there was nothing to be worried.



The hard works began!!

We needed a backhoe operator and a truck to adjust the surface.



The truck had to bring up a ton of sand to the top of the hill and dump it all the way down to cover all the rock surface. And then, the backhoe needed to go up there, make the surface smooth and 45 degrees as the client wanted.



All of these processes took us around 12 hours to be finished and finally, we came up with what we needed for our car commercial location.



In the end, I realized that sometimes to find a location for filming isn’t only about finding the place. There is also a possibility that we have to create an imperfect place to be a perfection set which might be better than looking for another one.



Feel free to check out the finished video.





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