THE AFFOREST TRIP [Thai film location]

“If you cut a tree, you kill a life.

If you save a tree, you save a life.

If you plant a tree, you plant a life.” 


Green Slogan



I was really enthusiastic about this job.


The project was looking for a forest that hardly accessible in Ratchaburi province for planting 100 saplings mission in a forest degradation area with P’Kid within 8 hours.



P’Kid or Tuchphol Pholthavonr is a volunteer forest ranger.


“It is very crucial to afforest right now because in Thailand we have lost a lot of natural resources due to wildfire and forest invasion. For the local people who live nearby the forest, don’t wait for help, if you want to save your forest just start doing it and others will join you soon.” P’Kid said.



Before the shoot, he helped us, looking for the locations that also look good for the shooting during the way to the top of the forest.


Sometimes we had to clear the way for a car to be accessible.



There weren’t many people come this way



There was a lot of beautiful places that we would be regretted if we don’t help preserve it now.




We had to drive cross the creek to be able to go to our destination.



P’Kid told me that to make the most out of afforesting, we had to go to the high area because when we planted a lot of trees in the high area, it was going to create upstream resources which benefited the animals and also made the forest become superabundant.




We almost there



As soon as we hit the high area, we started planting before the sunset which would make it harder on the way back home.



Let see how it goes in the final video





If interested in the locations, feel free to reach us