THE ABANDONED TANNERY [Thai film location]

When you are looking for an abandoned location, what characteristics are you looking for?


Dreadful, lonely, or spiritless.


A couple of months ago, there was a client who wanted me to find an abandoned location in Bangkok that feels desperate. The features that they needed were the location that suitable for doing artificial rain and also car explosion. These features were not quite easy to find in Bangkok.


One day, I went to see a friend around Sukhumvit the busy business area in Bangkok. I found an abandoned tannery factory that looked perfect for the clients.




This was the first sight of the location



I walked in looking for someone who could give me a tour and I found P’Sman and his little buddy, Namtan, and Dang.





He told me this was a tannery factory seven years ago. It was shut down due to a financial issue. P’Sman was a security guard when the business was running. After decades of working for the factory, he didn’t want to leave the place. Luckily, the owner hired him again to take care of the desolate property.


He showed me all of the parts of the factory inside.



The former office, “I still remember, this office was always busy at the end of the month when all of the employees lined up to collect their paychecks. Look at it now, it is only a broken office.” said P’Sman.



Inside he showed me the area where the animal skins were being processing.



The animal skins were being ripped off here




The old tanning machines



The cleaning area, Namtan also gave me a tour



After walking through each section, I told P’Saman that this factory was really perfect for filming. He told me, it was being used by one of the foreign films.




“It isn’t finished yet.” I asked him. He told me that they didn’t clean up the set because The place wasn’t used anyway, it was up to them to clean it or not. In my view, it is the production responsibility to clean up everything and make it the same as before.


After we finished the tour, I thought this place was pretty much suitable for different film genres such as Thriller, Horror, Action, Crime, and so on because it has all the characteristics that the abandoned place should have.



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