MEKONG RIVER [Thai film location]

We got a chance to find a new location nearby the river that included a beach sand for car performance.


The first location that came to our my was MEKONG RIVER. The 12th longest river in the world and boards Myanma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Mekong river also a home of mysteries. In Thailand, a lot of people grew up with the story of the legend of the Phaya Naga, a half animals half gods dragon figure.



We went to scout for the location to see the perfect beach sand that the client would like to shoot at Ubon Ratchathani province.




After the scouting, we found that the location didn’t meet the client’s expectation.


We told them after consulting with a village chief that we could adjust some part of the beach to meet the client desire.


This is the key visual of what the client wanted the sand to be.



They needed several hills that could show the ability of the product.

We started to measure the scale of what we had to adjust.



And then, we hired local workers and a backhoe to adjust the surface.




We spent a couple of days to finish the tasks, day until night.



Finally, we came up with the closest hills that the client wanted.




As we know, in the motion picture world, the things we see on our eyes are always different than the things we see behind the cameras.


Check it out how it looks in the video.



If interested in the locations, feel free to reach us