THE HIGH CLIFF OF PHA MOEI [Thai film location]

We were already talking about the ground side of the MekongĀ River, Ubon Ratchathani. This post, we will take you to the high attitude of Mekong River called Pha Moei in Ubon Ratchathani.


Pha Moei is a high cliff with the beautiful view of the Mekong River.



Before it became the Pha Moei cliff in Thailand today, long time ago, it was once connected with Laos’ border but the water erosion from Mekong River that floating between Thailand and Laos made it became the high cliff which we can see today.


However, the way to go up to the highest point wasn’t that simple. We had to contact the park staff to lead us to the destination because the trail wasn’t so much clear.



We drove slowly around 30 minutes before reaching the top.



After reaching the point, the first thing we did as always was checking the direction of the sun where would it raise and where would it set.



It is really important for the location scouting to know the direction of the sun when shooting outdoors.


We walked around to see which part would be perfect for the film.



The view and the air up here were fantastic for filmingĀ and also for sightseeing.


From this side, we could see the viewpoint for the tourists that hike all the way to the top.



We were at the upstream of the waterfall and beneath us wasSoi Sawan Waterfall.



We could see people enjoy their time playing water and picnic.



We blocked some of the shots and took some of the pictures before heading down.




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